Tailor Your Training to Your Goals

Personalize your sports training plan with us in Fairhaven, MA

Whether you want to get stronger, faster or all-around better, B Balanced Fitness can help you. Our local gym's owner specializes in sports training and loves helping teams and individual athletes improve in Fairhaven, MA.

With a local sports trainer, you can work on your:

Agility | Conditioning | Speed | Strength

A sports trainer with more than five years of experience will provide 10 challenging, one-hour sessions for $300. To take another step towards your goals, schedule a consultation right away.

Give your team an advantage in the off-season

When the next season starts, what kind of shape do you think your team will be in? You can help your team get better, faster and stronger by signing up for a $15-per-athlete sports training package. We'll lead everyone through one-hour sessions focused on conditioning. For more information, email us right away.