Relax in Our Dry Sauna

Soak up infrared heat in our fine-tuned infrared sauna in Fairhaven, MA

Do you need to melt your stress away, soothe sore muscles or loosen up stiff joints? You can visit B Balanced Fitness for the dry infrared sauna with 11 color-coded chromotherapy programs in Fairhaven, MA.

You can:

Bring a device like your phone into the sauna for entertainment
Select a chromotherapy program that suits your needs
Relax in the 130-degree sauna for 30 minutes

Call 508-742-6185 right away to schedule a single session for $25. You can also add sauna use to your existing service package for $50 or get unlimited sauna use without a fitness class or training package for $135 per month.

Who can use the sauna?

Many different people enjoy chromotherapy and describe improvements in their physical and mental health. However, you should skip the sauna if you're pregnant, you have a fever, you have acute bleeding or you're intoxicated. Don't sweat out a fever or a night out - get some rest at home.

If you have a chronic medical issue, err on the side of caution and ask your doctor about using our infrared sauna before you schedule a session.

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Reinvigorate by visiting an infrared sauna in Fairhaven, MA

The infrared sauna at B Balanced Fitness creates wavelengths that are very similar to natural human warmth. Infrared rays are known to improve healing abilities by improving heart health, breathing and digestion functions in the body. While regular saunas just warm you, our infrared saunas use wavelengths to penetrate soft tissue. Our process is highly restorative and useful for healing cuts and bruises. Our sauna even allows your body to release toxins. We also use chromotherapy. Chromotherapy uses colors to alter mood and chakras.

Regularly visiting our infrared sauna in Fairhaven, MA can keep your body in peak condition.
Make an appointment today by calling 508-742-6185.