Find All Kinds of Classes Under One Roof

Explore our range of fitness classes in Fairhaven, MA

There's just something about working out with a group that gets you motivated. When you want to get into the zone in small group fitness classes, join one of the groups at B Balanced Fitness in Fairhaven, MA.

We offer a variety of mixed-age fitness classes where we create a welcoming, fun environment. All kinds of people join in to challenge themselves, get stronger, lose weight, bulk up or stay fit. You can join up for:

Extreme burn bootcamp
Bootcamp blast
Booty and core

Every class lasts for 45 minutes, except for bootcamp blast, which runs for 30 minutes. For more information about any group fitness classes, email us now.

Get the details about class prices

You can join an individual fitness class for $15 per session. However, you can get better prices by signing up for a pass or unlimited package of fitness classes. A 10-class punch-card pass, which never expires, costs $120. You can get a $5 voucher for filling out the card.

An unlimited package with as many fitness classes as you want costs $150 per month. Sign up for a package right away to get per-class savings.

We also offer the option of paying $1800 for a full year of fitness classes. Call 774-929-5019 to start on your fitness journey today.

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3 key benefits of joining a fitness class in Fairhaven, MA

When you want to start seeing progress in your weight loss journey, sign up for B Balanced Fitness classes in Fairhaven, MA. Our group fitness classes allow you to form a community that will hold you accountable. When you take quality fitness classes at B Balanced Fitness, you’ll get the chance to:

  1. Push yourself
  2. Train with a professional
  3. Add variety to your workouts

When you take a group fitness class with us in Fairhaven, MA, you’ll always be surrounded by like-minded individuals working towards their own health goals. Sign up for a class by calling us today.